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Does Your CRO Integrate its Systems?

Does Your CRO Integrate its Systems?

Does Your CRO Integrate its Systems?

January 4, 2018

ARG Integration

  • Integrates products and platforms seamlessly and efficiently
  • Unifies best-available technologies for each functional area
  • Provides project visibility with near real-time reporting

ARG continues to push the envelope in terms of clinical trial platform and product integration. We are not waiting for industry-wide integration products and services to materialize; instead, we are using our expertise with Google Cloud Platform to create the ARG EAI (Enterprise Application Integration).

Clinical trials in rare disease, oncology, and immunology demand total command over project platforms, and we continually demonstrate the capacity to not only build and utilize individual pieces, but bring them together in Enterprise Application Integration. We integrate a suite of platforms and services that best fits the needs of our sponsors, from eTMF to EDC to Safety to Quality Assurance. Beyond these, we use SAS to analyze data and Spotfire to create easy-to-use sponsor dashboards.

ARG’s Enterprise Application Integration has been designed to leverage many of the benefits offered by Google Cloud Computing. Our goal is integrated business processing by a network of applications. This network is adaptive and can change through upgrades, new applications, modified technologies, or other factors.

It works like this: if a study-specific Adverse Event occurs, the data begins in the Safety platform, proceeds through Enterprise Application Integration, and ends up in a dashboard easily visible to the sponsor.

Our approach to integration is to take documents and data “from the spoke to the hub.” We use dozens of tools within Google Cloud Platform to safely and reliably control and log information. We occupy an attractive place in the market because we are able to offer sponsors “big data capability” along with our well-known customer service and flexibility.

Our Data Integration Centralized Reporting brings together experts from each functional area to create a set of comprehensive standard reports for sponsors. We know from deep experience with rare disease projects the information that is especially illuminating.

ARG continues to demonstrate that we have the people, tools, and imagination to integrate our systems and provide efficiency and results to our partners.

(Photo by Naassom Azevedo)

Does Your CRO Understand the Ultimate Trial Goal?

Does Your CRO Understand the Ultimate Trial Goal?

ARG's primary goal is to improve and prolong the lives of the people affected by rare diseases through the clinical trials we manage. We realize our patient-centric approach by carefully cultivating relationships, fostering meaningful communication, and anticipating and addressing all of the challenges in our studies.

May 23, 2019
Does Your CRO Innovate To Keep Trials On Track?

Does Your CRO Innovate To Keep Trials On Track?

ARG knows from experience that the willingness to be flexible has fueled our success in rare disease clinical trials, resulting in approvals with over $3B in sales.

May 9, 2018
Does Your CRO Value Every Single Patient?

Does Your CRO Value Every Single Patient?

Every patient counts. While large-scale intricately-designed studies can afford to lose patients, clinical trials for rare patient populations are not buffered for atrophy. ARG emphasizes that every patient is vital; in fact, we place the utmost importance on every data point in every study.

May 20, 2021