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What do ARG’s Technology Services Include?

Automation of Processes

Leveraging technology to automate hundreds of test steps and eliminate human error.

Unification of Systems

Integrates products and platforms seamlessly and efficiently using best-available technologies for each functional area.

Best-in-Class Partnership

Streamlined trial management and complete visibility with near real-time reporting.

Cloud-Based Programs

Use of cloud-based systems since 2006.

Innovation for Study Challenges

Agility and innovation to adapt to both expected and unexpected challenges.

Data Exchange Flexibility

Expertise and flexibility to exchange data with your existing systems.

Meet an ARG Technology Manager

Robert Lang

Robert Lang

Information Technology Manager

We have the ability to rapidly create new workflows and new applications to counter unmet needs. Innovation continues to be key as we come up with new solutions for remote monitoring to allow trials to move forward, even in challenging circumstances.

Why Choose ARG for Your Technology Needs?

Technology Driven CRO Identifying opportunities in all areas and then using technology to address them.
Targeted Automation Automate strategically by collaborating with sponsors to determine what is important.
Advanced IT Capabilities Strategic partnerships with leading technology providers while maintaining systems neutrality.
Streamlined Project Review Monthly internal review to bring valuable information into one place and check progress.
Smooth Data Flow Communication and data transfer between teams, sites, sponsors, and other stakeholders.
Continual Improvement The ARG IT team is continually looking at new ways to do their jobs and improve processes.

Case Study: ARG Rescues Phase I Oncology Trial Using TrialVista®

In an assisted fluid management device study, physicians in surgery were prompted via algorithm when to provide subjects with fluids. These lengthy, open-abdomen surgeries generated a tremendous amount of data points for every second of each procedure.

Because of the size of the data files, no out-of-the-box solution could be utilized. The ARG team had to create both a process and system to aggregate a true data transfer in a compiled format.

ARG IT was able to aggregate data for hundreds of surgeries in just over one minute for each subject.

In a QA-validated process, the spreadsheet data was downloaded from Veeva Vault into zip files. From there, the data was put into SQL load format and uploaded to a Google Cloud SQL database. Safety controls were added to flag incomplete or incorrect information.

To make the data accessible and consumable, ARG IT made a searchable, filterable viewing platform. This dashboard provided the Sponsor organized access to the aggregated data.

By automating the process, data outliers were identified and corrected. The potential for human errors was all but eliminated.

The skill sets of ARG domain experts combined with leading tools and technologies turned this study challenge into a study strength.

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