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Expert Medical & Biopharma Technology CRO Services

ARG has the talent and expertise to support surgical and interventional clinical studies.

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ARG uses an experienced, connected, and agile model to drive lean, efficient trials.

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ARG’s individualized approach guides you through the surgical ecosystem to meet clinical and business goals.

Medical & Biopharma Technology Services for Your Needs

Interventional Sponsors:

You may be facing challenges...

… such as the design structure for your clinical study.

Many studies have a hard time with enrollment...

…and lack of appropriate, committed follow up.

That’s Why You Need:

Intelligently designed protocol...

…in collaboration with regulatory agencies (FDA).

Quality sites and investigators...

…with precise execution of the program, including start up.

Precise follow up...

…that takes into account clinical data, timelines and budgets.

Case Study: ARG’s Agility Allows for Successful Operation on Injured Child

  • ARG was engaged with a client placing bioengineered human blood vessels in emergency surgery settings. A child was critically injured by gunshot and was deemed a candidate for the study. But time was of primary importance.

  • ARG was able to be quick and nimble enough to adjust on the fly to problem solve and fill in the gaps in data collection in a dynamic situation.

  • The bioengineered vessel was quickly and successfully implanted in the child and the corresponding data was collected in a complete and professional manner consistent with the study.

Meet Your CRO Chief Medical Officer

“Our team at ARG will focus on accelerating the number and sophistication of surgical studies to bring new technologies to market and new solutions to patients.”

Dr. Jeff Lawson - Surgical Clinical Trial

Dr. Jeff Lawson

Chief Medical Officer

Who Can Benefit From Partnering With ARG’s Medical & Biopharma Technologies CRO?

Emerging Sponsors

Consider us a long-term partner that adopts your goals. We prioritize efficiency to save you time and resources.

First-In-Man Studies

A great fit for organizations getting to or having completed First-In-Man Studies.

International Sponsors

In need of assistance in taking your study to the US? ARG is here to help with your needs.

Why Choose ARG for Your Medical & Biopharma Technologies Clinical trials?

Sponsors are in need of a CRO who understands the nuances that come with Surgical and Interventional Clinical Trials. This is where ARG can help.

When choosing a CRO, sponsors regularly have ARG as one of their top choices.

ARG has the expertise and resources that you are looking for in a CRO. What sets us apart is the flexibility, efficiency, and consistency that our big-name counterparts cannot match.

  • Experience in these clinical trials since 1998
  • White glove individualized attention
  • Leadership in all phases of development from bolt-on preclinical lab access to post-marketing service
  • Full service clinical expertise and committed dedication to projects of all scopes and sizes
  • A network of efficient high quality sites
  • Understanding of procedural nuances of interventional and invasive clinical trials
  • Experience with complications, adverse events, and associated documentation
  • Proctoring from surgical lab training to intervention to data collection
  • Relationships with investigators for consistent analysis of samples and imaging
  • Experience in regulatory considerations
  • Expertise in vascular surgery, general surgery, interventional radiology,  interventional nephrology, vascular access for hemodialysis
  • Established network of KOLs in various fields

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