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Decentralized Clinical Trials

Are You Looking to Run a Decentralized Trial with a CRO that Will...

Develop a study that improves patient experience, reduces costs, and yields high quality data?
Customize trial settings to accommodate the unique needs of every patient, site, and sponsor?
Ensure compliance with state and country regulations, as well as data privacy rules and practices?

ARG’s decentralized clinical trial (DCT) model helps sponsors recruit more diverse populations, retain more patients, and discover more valuable data.

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Why Choose ARG for Your Clinical Operation Needs?

Collaboration for Success Strong communication between patients, sites, and sponsors to yield successful results.
Patient-Centric Approach Hyperfocus on patient needs to improve patient burden, participation and retention.
Proactive Problem Solving Detailed response plans in place before study begins to address issues and reduce slowdowns.
Expert Use of Technology Integration of platforms into one system, and safe use of eConsent, ePRO, telemedicine, and eCOA.
Airtight Compliance Strict adherence to regulations and guidelines for all countries in which the DCT will be conducted.
Proven Track Record Success with many complex and rare disease-focused remote and hybrid DCTs.

ARG’s 9 Keys to Decentralized Trials

Determine if the Study Can Rely On a Decentralized Model

Evaluate Country or State Regulations to Consider

Establish Equipment and Personnel Training Needed

Decide How Safety Data will be Captured

Understand what Data Points the Study Wants to Capture

Consider Ethical Recruitment of Patients

Privacy Concerns with the Use of Technology or Remote Tools

Determine if a Hybrid Approach Might be Necessary

Analyze the Risk Associated with this Method

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