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Medical Monitoring

Are You Looking for Medical Monitoring from a CRO that Will...

Review all of your data with a thorough eye?
Approach your study with both curiosity and practicality?
Engage in thoughtful, proactive communication?

Explore ARG’s Medical Monitoring services.

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What do ARG’s Medical Monitoring Services Include?

Individualized Customer Service

Every project is approached with clinical curiosity by asking, “What is important here in this particular study?

SAE Review

100% review of each ICSR, from source document analysis to query generation, and everything in between.

Eligibility Review

Formal review of each subject to ensure they meet inclusion/exclusion criteria prior to study enrollment.

Medical Data Listing Reviews

Review of data listings to ensure accurate data is collected and improves subject safety by monitoring for signals.

TLS and CSR Review

Review of TLF mock-ups to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues, using our understanding of study data.

Coding Review

Review of coded terms to produce clean, consistent data, enabling timely database lock and better data representation.

Meet an ARG Medical Monitor

Jen Prichard - Medical monitoring for clinical trials

Jen Prichard, MD

Medical Director

Being involved in everything from protocol design to study planning, to trouble shooting problems as they arise, to the final steps of CSR review gives the Medical Monitoring team a unique perspective on the study and its data.

Why Choose ARG for Your Medical Monitoring Needs?

Database Building Collaboration with Data team during start-up that asks what we want, in what form, and why?
Active Communication Strong rapport with site Study Coordinators and Principal Investigators by direct communication.
Breadth of Study Knowledge Medical Monitoring capabilities, including data reviews, safety narratives, and CSR reviews.
Therapeutic Training Sessions to gain knowledge about indication and make informed decisions throughout the study.
Cross-Functional Culture Close collaboration with team members across departments with open lines of communication.
Reliability Medical Monitoring as part of the core project team that remains consistent from start to finish.

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