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At Atlantic Research Group, we know how difficult it is to develop an orphan drug. But, we also know that great things happen when passionate people combine their strengths. Together, we create smart, feasible studies with protocols that reflect everyday life. We connect Individuals — even if there are only 50 in the entire world with a particular rare disease — to organizations that have the drive and know-how to develop potential treatments. We uncover far-reaching insights in orphan drug research, no matter how limited data may be. Let’s unite and finish the journey from trial to treatment.

NORTHERA®       Chelsea Therapeutics

The Journey to Droxidopa

Chelsea Therapeutics was in the process of licensing droxidopa for treating neurogenic orthostatic hypotension, but the study suffered from low patient recruitment. ARG was brought in to improve enrollment.

CINRYZE®       Lev Pharmaceuticals

A Life-saving Drug's Race to America

Cinryze is used to treat hereditary angioedema, or HAE, a genetic defect that results in dysfunctional C1 esterase inhibitor. ARG helped Lev Pharmaceuticals conduct the trials and bring the drug to the market after a troubled history.

Atlantic Research Group
fuels passion and progress

The clinic isn’t the only place where we make strides. ARG works with a variety of rare disease organizations, advancing care alongside other dedicated individuals who advocate research.

Global Genes
The Hemophilia Alliance
Histiocytosis Association
Immune Deficiency Foundation
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