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Successful Management of Your Oncology Clinical Research Project from Start to Finish

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ARG is an experienced, technology-driven CRO in cancer research.

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ARG uses an agile, individualized approach to optimize the likelihood of successful development programs for sponsors.

Individualized Oncology CRO Services for Your Needs

Cancer Researchers:

You have life-changing anti-cancer agents...

… that you want to have tested thoroughly and brought to market to start saving lives.

Your study is too important...

… to work with just any CRO. You require a CRO who will run your study with the highest level of technical and logistical care and expertise.

That’s Why You Need:

Top-tier experience in oncology...

… strict adherence to deadlines, and airtight regulatory compliance.

A CRO team that has your back...

responds immediately to changes with creative ideas, and collaborates with you throughout the entire process.

Case Study: ARG Oncology CRO Service Rescues Phase I Clinical Trial

  • A leading pharmaceutical company focused on drug development and next-generation therapies for cancer and immunomodulatory diseases was mired in an unsatisfactory engagement with an offshore CRO for a Phase I oncology trial.
  • Clinical data was delayed weeks in the cleansing and verification stages. The missing pages report was inconsistent, outdated and contained incorrect data.

  • ARG performed a one-time data dump from the existing CTMS, analyzed the data and worked on-site to prompt corrections to the existing EDC system.
  • We used our proprietary, analysis-based surveillance methodology of data-driven trial management (DDTM) that was developed to identify and mitigate risks.

  • The sponsor was extremely pleased with their access to real-time data from TrialVista® CTMS. They were also pleased with our CRA work to rescue the study and fix data and procedural problems created by the former CRO.
  • Following our exceptional performance in the Phase I trial, we became the sponsor’s preferred provider for CRO services in early phase oncology.

Dedicated Oncology Project Managers

“Sponsors trust us because they know we have their backs regarding ideas, budgets, and milestones. Relationships are built on delivering successful projects over time.”

Catherine Allen Pm

Catherine Allen

Oncology Project Director

Who Can Benefit From Partnering With ARG’s Oncology CRO?

Emerging Sponsors

From your Phase 1 studies to pivotal trials, ARG’s consistent teams can grow with you seamlessly.

Established Sponsors

Trust our established reputation and decades of experience to manage, rescue, or consult on your study.

Sponsors with Complex Needs

We welcome smaller trials with changing needs and demanding timelines, rather than massive studies.

Why Choose ARG for Your Oncology Study?

Sponsors regularly have ARG as one of their top CRO choices.

We offer the best of both worlds: The expertise and resources that many large organizations boast, plus a level of flexibility that allows us to be more efficient and consistent than our big-name counterparts.

In fact, many sponsors have come to ARG after working with a large CRO to get their projects back on track.

  • Experience in Oncology and Immuno-oncology clinical trials since 2004
  • 100% of staff with oncology expertise
  • Full-service oncology CRO solutions, from earliest stage to close-out
  • Therapeutic experience in solid tumor and hematologic malignancies
  • Ability to leverage extensive site databases
  • Unique history and staff experience with pediatric research
  • Special flexibility to service unique aspects in early phase clinical trials
  • Particular expertise in adaptive trial designs and laboratory-based studies, including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

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If you’re looking for oncology CRO services with a successful track record and approaches your study with the deepest level of care, contact us.

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