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Is Your CRO a Genuine Operational Partner?

Is Your CRO a Genuine Operational Partner?

Is Your CRO a Genuine Operational Partner?

April 6, 2018

ARG Engagement

  • Allows us to notice details that drive solutions to trial challenges
  • Drives meaningful communication with stakeholders
  • Fosters collaboration and innovation with experts in rare disease, oncology, and immunology

ARG's history of successfully operationalizing rare disease clinical research has been driven by comprehensive engagement with our sponsors. We have enjoyed success in oncology and immunology projects as well.

The development of a product to treat a rare disease is an intricate undertaking. Our potential sponsors often find themselves in uncharted territory with few (if any) previous studies conducted in their intended indication. Projects with small patient populations present unique challenges.

As a result, there is limited knowledge and data about the disease itself. It is in this challenging context that sponsors search for a CRO with the knowledge, resources, and energy necessary to manage these difficult projects. Enter ARG.
Intricate research requires a collaborative and attentive mindset for all participating stakeholders, especially the CRO. There are many ways in which ARG’s complete engagement with partners manifests itself in studies.

We are a strategic partner rather than just an implementer. Locked in on every study, we see every angle and offer real solutions. We also take the time to think and engage in open and meaningful discussions. Ultimately, we recognize that the sponsor is the key driver of the trial so our intention is to walk with them to answer the questions they outline.

Because rare disease projects are often a journey of discovery about the disease, they require innovative thinking and savvy adjustments as the knowledge base grows. We take that mindset into oncology and immunology projects too, offering enhanced thinking and strategy. Supplemental support for inexperienced investigators and fragile or remote patients also may be needed. With no standard trial design or formula for rare disease research, continual engagement is necessary.

Success is determined by a group of partner experts collaborating to ask the right questions, anticipate unique challenges, and generate appropriate solutions both before and during a clinical trial.

ARG recognizes and values the importance of complete engagement. We work decisively to foster participation and interaction at all levels of the study team.

Does Your CRO Understand the Ultimate Trial Goal?

Does Your CRO Understand the Ultimate Trial Goal?

ARG's primary goal is to improve and prolong the lives of the people affected by rare diseases through the clinical trials we manage. We realize our patient-centric approach by carefully cultivating relationships, fostering meaningful communication, and anticipating and addressing all of the challenges in our studies.

May 23, 2019
Does Your CRO Innovate To Keep Trials On Track?

Does Your CRO Innovate To Keep Trials On Track?

ARG knows from experience that the willingness to be flexible has fueled our success in rare disease clinical trials, resulting in approvals with over $3B in sales.

May 9, 2018
Does Your CRO Value Every Single Patient?

Does Your CRO Value Every Single Patient?

Every patient counts. While large-scale intricately-designed studies can afford to lose patients, clinical trials for rare patient populations are not buffered for atrophy. ARG emphasizes that every patient is vital; in fact, we place the utmost importance on every data point in every study.

May 20, 2021