Value in Oncology

ARG Relationships
Create Success

Collaboration Relies on Communication

Oncology clinical research is a cooperative process built on transparency. Direct and continual lines of communication are keys as challenges arise during projects. ARG adapts to different situations very quickly, working with Sponsors to foresee potential problems and, should any arise, doing whatever it takes to address each issue quickly and efficiently. We have succeeded because of our willingness to roll up our sleeves and work alongside Sponsor project teams.

Leadership Lives on Every Level

Our size, organizational structure, and philosophy ensure our senior management team is focused on every component of each research collaboration, thus providing a high- level of competence, guidance, adaptability, and strategic solutions. This true, executive- level attention to detail has positioned ARG as the preferred research ally for many of our sponsors.

Emphasis on Every Project

We have experience working with Sponsor companies that are new to clinical trial development, conducting a trial in the United States for the first time, and who do not have all of the answers and look to us for assistance. We are able to provide immediate suggestions because every one of our trials is highly and continuously visible.

Flexibility With Assurances

We are acutely aware of the fact that flexibility must also come with checks and balances. ARG must firmly adhere to established standards to avoid compromising patient safety or the integrity of the overall study. Sponsors can rest assured that ARG will not cut corners that might jeopardize patient safety or put study results at risk.

Oncology Breadth Over Time

ARG has extensive early-phase oncology experience, pediatric trial experience, and is adept in understanding the nuances of device, drug, and biologic development. We have been successful in rescue studies, cutting-edge products, and retrospective studies. ARG also has both an in-house oncologist and pediatrician.