ARG is sending a team of five to the Veeva R&D Summit in Philadelphia September 8-10. Read on to learn more about how they interact with Veeva systems, and the advantages they see in using them.


Paul Bishop, Chief Executive Officer
“Our partnership with Veeva continues to keep us in front in terms of technology, something we have used as a key competitive advantage at ARG for 15 years. We want to continue to be known for early adoption, automation, integration, and cloud implementation.”


Hunter Walker, Chief Technology Officer
“Veeva is a forward-thinking company that closely follows what the industry wants and needs. Almost every day I think about how we’ll leverage Veeva strategically. I closely watch as they announce and release new features and enhancements.”


Robert Lang, Senior Clinical Systems Administrator
“I am responsible for configuration changes to the system along with user access. I am also currently helping with the training of new users. One big advantage is Veeva’s use of dynamic access control (DAC), which enables all clients to be in a single instance of the platform.”


Nicolette Swierszcz, Trial Site Manager II
“I’m in Veeva everyday– whether it be to QC a binder or upload and classify documents for a study. In regards to advantages, Veeva is very user friendly and easy to navigate.”


Katelyn Nuckoles, Clinical Research Specialist II
“Veeva is my go-to tool for TMF management because of its ability to capture and organize document data. The reporting features are flexible enough to allow me (as well as Sponsors) to easily assess the quality and completeness of the TMF in every stage of the study.”