Like all ARG employees, ARG’s leadership team is on a mission:help agile and emerging biopharma companies realize important therapeutic goals.They’re supported by an engaged and helpful Board of Directors, and eager to work with customers.

Paul Bishop is Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Research Group, one of the fastest growing and most successful CROs dedicated to small and emerging biopharmaceutical concerns. Paul, with his co-founder Lyle Camblos, has led ARG to 10 years of record sales and customer growth. Prior to co-founding ARG, Paul served in various management roles at a large global CRO, where he specialized in project and functional management for small biotech projects. His professional experience includes oncological, immunological, metabolic disease and ophthalmological development programs both in project management and business development. Before that, Paul held clinical development positions and participated in academic research at the University of Virginia. Paul received his Bachelors of Arts in Biology from the University of Virginia.

When asked why he and Lyle formed Atlantic Research Group, he answers simply, “We believe that helping biopharmaceutical innovations reach the people for which they are designed, is one of the great opportunities of our time.”

Lyle Camblos is President of Atlantic Research Group, and serves as President of the Board of Directors of Pharmaceutical Service Network. In this role, Lyle manages finance and overall operations while mentoring team members on project management and clinical trial execution. He is the architect of ARG’s corporate business framework, developing procedures and processes to manage explosive growth while providing a guiding hand to ensure the company retains the welcoming and supportive atmosphere of an agile small business. Prior to co-founding Atlantic Research Group, Lyle held positions in the clinical research industry, as varied as entry-level site management to clinical research associate and project manager: his career achievements include leadership roles in mid-sized and large multinational CROs. Lyle’s clinical research expertise extends from novel agents in orphan status phase I trials to post-marketing safety, surveillance, and oversight, including some of the largest and most successful supportive care and chemotherapeutic products on the market today. His knowledge beyond oncology includes plasma derivatives, endocrinology, immunology, and inflammatory disease indications. Lyle earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the Virginia Military Institute.

When asked what makes Atlantic Research Group unique, Lyle answers, “ARG is at its core dedicated to unique, innovative, and responsive relationships with clients. Our people are builders: we use our experience, technology, and corporate system as tools to make successful clinical trials.”

Hunter is Atlantic Research Group’s Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for all clinical data management, safety, and data integration and analytics systems. Hunter’s team manages and deploys the software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications upon which all corporate operations run. Prior to joining ARG, Hunter served as a clinical technology developer with a large CRO and a small biotechnology company in San Diego. An early adopter of cloud-based technologies, Hunter constantly evaluates and implements SaaS platforms to improve the management of clinical trials. Hunter graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and an M.S. in Management of Information Technology. Hunter’s early career as a technology expert at a clinical research organization helped him see unique opportunities for cloud-based technology to bring powerful insights to all stakeholders in the clinical trial process.

“I remember building applications in days that enabled researchers and sponsors to see exactly how their studies were doing. They were astonished at how that much data could be easily at their fingertips. That reaction is what drives me to continuously improve ARG’s technology and systems.”

Susanne is Atlantic Research Group’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for all finance and legal operations. As ARG grows, Susanne will be focused on streamlining accounting processes, financial reporting and contracting processes. Prior to joining ARG, Susanne held executive positions at large and medium sized CROs, large investigator site and pharma including both public accounting and other senior corporate finance roles. In her prior experience she worked within the finance, legal, and proposal areas. Susanne earned her Masters of Business Administration from St. John’s University and her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Pace University.

Over her 20-year career, Susanne has experienced year on year growth in her previous positions and is focused on ensuring ARG financial reporting tools are compliant and ready for the expected growth in the coming years.

Shay is Atlantic Research Group’s Vice President, Operations and is responsible for refining organizational systems and process, reviewing and analyzing operational metrics and implementing new departments. As ARG continues to grow, she will be focused on deploying processes and utilizing systems that allow ARG to remain compliant with GCP but also be flexible to meet client’s needs. Prior to joining ARG, Shay served many roles in a large CRO including process improvement with a focus on technology, management of global clinical services, and clinical training. She is currently the President for the Central Virginia Chapter for ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals). She is certified as a PMP (Project Manager Professional) with PMI (Project Management Institute) and as CRA with ACRP. Before clinical research, Shay worked as a medical technologist for outpatient services at University of Virginia Health Care after receiving her BS in Medical Technology from Mary Washington College/UVA.

Shay is focused on having ARG project teams that contain years of clinical research experience that can help clients navigate quickly and confidently through the development process. She wants ARG to be the company that can get the job done but also be the people you enjoy working with.