ARG Partnership

  • Addresses one of the biggest challenges in clinical trials: retention
  • Provides real-time experience with patients and products
  • Facilitates faster clinical development from trial to market

ARG is always exploring avenues to further leverage our unique relationships to provide additional value to our sponsors. This includes a one-of-a-kind partnership with a national specialty pharmacy that is aligned with ARG’s plasma-derived therapeutic focus.

The value-add is truly distinctive because specialty pharmacy nursing staff are able to be deployed in the home setting in the investigational phases of development. During rare disease, oncology, and immunology trials, home health clinical staff provided by the specialty pharmacy are able to deliver products directly to the homes of patients.

This is meaningful for patients who would much rather maintain infusion schedules at home. This leads to better compliance in clinical trials and because these visits are often covered by insurance, patients get the benefit of home comfort without additional study costs. In an industry that is plagued with 30% atrophy rates in studies, ARG uses its connections to boost and maintain retention rates.

While delivering the investigational drugs, home health nurses are able to assess protocols, patients, and adverse events, as well as gain experience in processing and shipping the products. Using the data captured and the input from the nurses, companies will be able to build the next generation of safer and better products.

This experience in the clinical setting pays dividends later when the compound is ready for market authorization and during the drive to distribution. It is invaluable to use the same nurses in the investigational and commercial phases of a drug’s development. ARG and our specialty pharmacy partners are able to strategically “overlay” clinical staff into trials to prepare them for the future.

ARG is way ahead of other CROs because our partnership with a specialty pharmacy provides multiple tangible benefits to sponsors.


(Photo by Jenn Evelyn Ann)