Does Your CRO Attract and Retain Talent?

ARG Investment

  • ttracts and retains the most talented people in the industry
  • Offers employees meaningful personal and professional development
  • Empowers individuals to evolve and take ownership of decisions

ARG stands out in the unstable CRO industry because of our invested team’s effective and consistent history of managing rare disease, oncology, and immunology clinical trials. Our numbers explain our success: we have a three-year growth average of 63% combined with historical turnover rates in the single digits. In a recent engagement survey, 98.6% of employees indicated they believe ARG cares about them, and 97.8% responded that they see themselves working for ARG for many years to come. We attract and retain talented people.

ARG has also distanced ourselves from other CROs by providing a rare employee experience. We treat team members as more than just numbers. This attitude comes easily for us, because we place the utmost importance on every partner, patient, and stakeholder. For us, people matter.

This manifests itself in several ways, such as incentivizing individual and team performance to fully realize profit-sharing, providing work and vacation schedule flexibility that stresses excellent performance over accrual banks, and offering a comprehensive benefit package ranging from retirement investment opportunities to healthcare to identity theft protection.

ARG Corporate Development oversees a yearly one-of-a-kind Clinical Research professional program called Chrysalis. Developed internally to counter the research industry’s problems with transient staff, bright young people are selected and exposed to all functional areas. The participants are able grow their skill sets and make meaningful in-house career decisions.

All of this has impact on our projects in the field, as satisfied employees result in better managed trials. We empower our team members to proactively assess study needs and keep investigators and patients engaged. From extending a visit by a day to accommodate extra training to procuring a better stethoscope for cardiac monitoring, solutions are borne of trusting and direct working relationships rather than cold and distant vendor transactions.

Our commitment to employees is reflected in our workforce turnover rate. Our stability is our sponsor’s stability. Ensuring continuity in trials and keeping every site and every patient enrolled are primary objectives. Personal service makes all the difference.

The way ARG treats its people is reflected in the way our people treat others.
(Photo By Shelby Deeter)