The ARG Oncology Academy: “Committed to Furthering Research”

The ARG Oncology Academy is a training and development program that provides staff with the skills and tools necessary to perform optimally in oncology clinical trials on behalf of the sponsor. 

The program is a mechanism to furnish ongoing training and professional development, and to document the competence of each staff member as advancements in oncology research and treatments emerge.

President and COO Lyle Camblos: “The ARG Oncology Academy is in line with what we are doing as an organization as a whole. We are committed to furthering research in oncology, and need to continue to lead the way in terms of knowledge transfer, training, and of course, execution for our sponsors.” 

The ARG Oncology Academy areas of study include, but are not limited to, GCP training, regulatory updates and new directives for global regulatory agencies, disease-specific best practices and breakthroughs, and development and implementation of emerging technologies.

“Right now there are gaps in available therapies for cancer patients,” adds Camblos. “The aim of this program is to optimize and advance oncology trials as a whole and ultimately get new treatments to people that need them.”

The ARG Oncology Academy also provides training as it relates to understanding the patient and clinical site experience, assisting in enrollment and retention, as well as site motivation.

Opportunities to review innovative centralized monitoring tools will allow CRAs to be more effective in identifying disease and treatment-specific safety signals, adverse events, and trends in data.