Therapeutic Area Focus and Expertise

ARG’s strength in complex protocols and studies has resulted in 85% repeat business and over 50 market authorizations.

Specific Experience Makes ARG an Ideal CRO Partner

ARG has remained consistent since 2004, growing incrementally and thoughtfully over time. By working with the same sponsors time and again, we have carefully built not only our experience in oncology, immunology, neurology and rare disease, but our expertise in these key areas as well.

Staying true to ourselves is advantageous to our sponsors because we take on projects that we are uniquely suited to manage. Further, we have walked alongside our partners as they have grown, evolving and prospering with their studies and programs. We have become very adept in handling the intricacies that arise in challenging clinical trials. Because of our low turnover, sponsors can expect stability and consistency in the way their studies are managed.

ARG has developed strong relationships with leading investigators and coordinators in multiple strategic therapeutic areas: oncology, immunology, neurology and rare disease. Success is determined by a group of partner experts coming together to form one study team, asking the right questions, and adapting along the way. The way we have functioned over time prepares us for both expected and unexpected challenges, and that’s why sponsors trust us.

In oncology studies, the key factor could be having the CRAs who understand the therapy and treatment modalities, whereas in immunology, it might be overcoming issues in patient recruitment. In a neurology trial, the study team must consider the number, order, and difficulty of assessment loads for patients struggling with neurodegenerative diseases. Patient-centricity is also central in rare disease to succeed in studies with limited and thinly dispersed populations.

ARG delivers focus, dedication, and success in oncology, immunology, neurology and rare disease clinical trials.

Oncology CRO Services


ARG provides a full suite of oncology CRO services, specializing in early phase, and including sub-specialties of immuno-oncology and hematology-oncology.   


Atlantic Research Group provides comprehensive clinical program development services for all immunology indications.   

Rare Disease

ARG provides comprehensive rare disease clinical program development services ranging from pre-launch consulting to commercialization.   


ARG is your neurology CRO partner: we are fully engaged in the process, notice details, share observations, and solve problems.