ARG Builds Competitive Advantage with Medrio EDC

Excerpt from a Medrio/ARG blog post featuring Associate Director of Data Management Alychia Deming:

Proving What Seems Unbelievable

Some sponsors have been so accustomed to the need for a large number of edit checks that some actually challenged ARG’s claims, thinking the reduced number must be an error.

“We had a customer come back to us following our proposal and they thought our relatively low number of edit checks was impossible,” Deming said. “We met with them and walked them through the processes and the capabilities of the Medrio EDC platform and they were convinced. They actually apologized for challenging us and are delighted by how efficiently the system works.”

This has led to ARG highlighting the reduction in edit checks and resulting cost efficiencies as a key differentiator when speaking to existing and potential customers. This is helping them stand out among the competition, including larger CROs. This, along with ARG’s proven expertise in oncology, neurology and  immunology, have led to a growing competitive advantage.

Please go here to read the entire piece on the Medrio site.