About Atlantic Research Group

ARG, with multinational offices in the US, UK, EU, and Australia, is led by industry veterans and a scientific advisory board aligned with our therapeutic expertise.

Everyone Deserves To Be Well

ARG is an oncology, immunology, rare and neurodegenerative disease-focused contract research organization that provides comprehensive clinical program development services ranging from pre-launch consulting to commercialization, achieving over 50 market authorizations. 

Founded in 2004 with the vision that every project should be highly individualized, ARG has experienced consistent growth across the globe, expanding our reach to include drug and device strategic consulting, clinical trial management services, and clinical data and analytic solutions. ARG uses first-in-class technology platforms along with relationship-driven flexibility to optimize clinical studies because we believe everyone deserves to be well.

ARG provides a full suite of oncology CRO services, specializing in early phase, and including sub-specialties of immuno-oncology and hematology-oncology.   

ARG’s leadership team is on a mission: partner with agile and emerging biopharma companies to realize important therapeutic goals.

The SAB, made up of recognized experts Dr. Ed Schnipper, Dr. Mark Rodger Stein and Dr. Angela Genge, strengthens ARG’s leadership and expertise in key therapeutic areas. 

ARG has office locations covering North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Australia.