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At ARG, we believe that sponsors need not depend on their CRO for data requests: we give you the ability to access your clinical data and analytics, with realtime updates, from any device, platform, or browser. We believe this open architecture also fulfills the Sponsor's requirement of free access to clinical data, outside of our systems and applications. ARG makes your data available for download, display, and analysis in other applications (e.g. Excel and SAS/R/MatLab). Our systems are extensible with built-in APIs that allow bidirectional data exchange with other systems because we do not hold our clients' data hostage - we set it free.

TrialVista® has been implemented to track, order, and manage investigational product for ongoing clinical studies. Unlike other CTM Systems, TrialVistaTM enables any participating study team member, whether from a Client, CRO, or site to manage investigational product. Site staff can easily log in and order investigational product, track the status of delivery, and confirm receipt.

With TrialVista® you can rapidly and intuitively create and deploy feasibility questionnaires. For site and patient enrollment, two things are critical: gauging site qualifications/interest and seeding the investigator database with contact information from entered by the sites themselves.

TrialVista® is a full clinical workflow solution: task routing, email task processing, automatic email reminders and report listings make the task of monitoring report submissions and reviews quick and easy. Our system includes full audit logs of accesses, changes, and usage - let TrialVista® ensure your trials are on track, and that they conform with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and compliance/regulatory requirements. Managers spend less time figuring out what is still outstanding.


Patient Enrollment By Site

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act (Sunshine Act) requires manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and biologics that participate in U.S. federal health care programs to report certain payments and items of value given to physicians and teaching hospitals. TrialVista® makes reporting for FPSA a simple process: the application allows the export and communication of invoice data via a few clicks.