Premium Value in Clinical Trials Management

ARG offers a comprehensive suite of global service solutions, built on industry-leading technologies and tools, and backed by our signature customer attention.

World-Class Services As Part Of A Collaborative Partnership

ARG thrives in complex protocols and intricate clinical trials because we have been successfully operating in both challenging one-off trials without well-defined blueprints, as well as large scale and global programs. We demonstrate that level of flexibility by relying on a diverse long-standing team of in-house experts who know to cultivate active partnerships with our sponsors. We ask questions, gather facts and opinions, and build consensus to deliver industry-leading functions.

We stay true to the original idea that sparked ARG’s founding in 2004: we can deliver world-class services as part of collaborative partnership to create a shared vision. All of this has added up to an 85% repeat customer rate, numerous market authorizations resulting in billions of dollars in sales, and four additional approvals currently pending.

We challenge each of our functional groups to uphold our organizational reputation of being tangibly better than other CROs. Each service must be forward-thinking and adaptive. This proactive virtual trial management approach has allowed us to lead the industry in key areas such as remote capabilities, system integrations, and knowledge transfer. ARG’s differentiation is evident in everything we do.

Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

ARG Operations begins with a mindset of curiosity, patient-centricity and shared responsibility. Data-informed and agile, ARG Operations strives to exceed our client’s needs and goals.

Medical Monitoring

Medical Monitoring

ARG Medical Monitoring takes both a broad and granular view of every clinical trial from start-up to close-out, acting as an extension of the sponsor. Medical Monitoring interacts with sites when they have eligibility questions, works closely with data management departments, reviews safety listings, and completes SAE forms.

Data Management

Our experienced Data Managers understand the importance of transparency and effective communication when facilitating design of clinical databases. Our tools and processes set expectations, track timelines and measure quality throughout the life of our trials while remaining adaptive to change.


ARG Biostatistics is made up of a team of industry professionals working to deliver top products and services to our clients while providing excellent consulting and guidance throughout the lifetime of our partnerships.  

Drug Safety

ARG uses a cross-functional approach that allows Drug Safety to naturally work more closely, frequently and directly with Medical Monitoring and other relevant functions. 

Quality Assurance

ARG QA aspires to identify potential challenges in clinical trials and resolve them before they reach critical points, thus ensuring studies run smoothly from beginning to end. This is true in all QA activities, including site audits, TMF audits, vendor audits, computer validation audits, and database audits.  

EU Legal Representation

With an office in Amsterdam that specializes in complying with directives released by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), ARG is an ideal choice to serve as your legal representative in Europe.

System Integration

ARG IT/IS is noteworthy in the industry because although we have strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, we also maintain system neutrality, and employ our own highly experienced programmers to ensure smooth integrations and automations with our data sources.

Retrospective Studies

ARG, with a history of conducting successful retrospective studies in several therapeutic areas, has identified several critical success factors. 

Rescue Studies

ARG’s goal is not to start from scratch but instead to continue the study forward with minimal disruptions.