Shay Brill: Judge for Clinical Researcher of the Year Competition

Shay Brill, ARG Vice President of Corporate Development, recently had the privilege and distinction of serving as a judge in the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year Competition. This was Shay’s third time judging the competition.

Overall, there are three parts in the competition: (1) answer a multiple choice questionnaire (2) write an essay regarding a clinical challenge within 1000 word limit for individual competitors and (3) and present to a judging panel on-the-day challenge.

Several categories exist for this competition (1) Clinical Research Coordinator (2) New CRA (less than 4 years of experience) (3) Experienced CRA (more than 4 years of experience) (4) Clinical Team Leader (5) Project Manager (6) Strategic Team and (7) Site Team.

Shay’s specific role was acting as one of three judges in the Clinical Team Manager category.

Shay shares her thoughts about the entrants: “My experience as a judge was the opportunity to spend a day evaluating individuals from different companies facing specific clinical scenarios.  Without a doubt, each person comes to the competition with a desire to be recognized for notable talent and passion in the industry.”

Further, she goes on to explain her what she took away from the event: “My job was to pick the three best individuals with the help and feedback of other judges given the guidelines.  For each competitor, we provided mentoring and feedback on their performance so they can continue to develop personally and professionally.  It was an rewarding experience and I was thrilled to be a part of it.”

Please see the list of winners here.