Press Release: Distinguished Researchers, Clinicians Join ARG in Advisory Roles

Drs. Schnipper, Stein and Genge Lead New Scientific Advisory Board

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Nov. 10, 2020 — Atlantic Research Group (ARG), a global full-service contract research organization, named three leading scientists and researchers as members of its new Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Dr. Ed Schnipper, Dr. Mark Rodger Stein and Dr. Angela Genge will strengthen ARG’s leadership and expertise in the company’s key therapeutic areas: oncology, immunology, rare and neurodegenerative diseases.

“The best way for ARG to remain at the forefront of our focal therapeutic areas is to collaborate with globally recognized clinical professionals who can provide perspective and guidance,” said Paul Bishop, ARG’s CEO and cofounder. The scientists and physicians will help guide ARG’s development of life-changing therapies, he said. SAB members are:

  • Dr. Schnipper, an expert in innovative design and management of oncology clinical trials, has played key roles in drug development from IND to NDA stages in several organizations. “I am excited to work with ARG because of our mutual commitment to pursue scientific advancements leading toward new, approved medicines for patients,” said Dr. Schnipper.
  • Dr. Stein is a prominent immunologist and allergist whose career has included a leadership role at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. “Immunology research is highly specialized, requiring multidisciplinary relationships and wide-ranging experience,” Dr. Stein said. “ARG has the talent and expertise to execute the complex clinical trials needed in this field.”
  • Dr. Angela Genge, director of the Clinical Research Unit at the Montreal Neurological Institute since 2004, has directed research in several neuromuscular disorders. “ARG’s specializations in both rare and neurodegenerative disease clinical trials create a valuable knowledge base and a collaborative environment in which we can innovate effectively together,” said Dr. Genge.

About ARG

ARG is an oncology, immunology, rare and neurodegenerative disease-focused contract research organization that provides comprehensive clinical program development services ranging from pre-launch consulting to commercialization. Founded in 2004 with the vision that every project should be highly individualized and visible, ARG has experienced consistent growth across the globe, expanding our reach to include drug and device strategic consulting, clinical trial management services, and clinical data and analytic solutions. ARG is a disrupter, using first-in-class technology platforms along with relationship-driven flexibility to optimize clinical studies because we believe everyone deserves to be well.

Please download a PDF of the release here: ARG Announces New Scientific Advisory Board