Shay Brill (Vice-President) and Erin Farris (Senior Director) recently discussed the future of clinical trials operations with Joel Selzer, CO-founder and CEO of ArcheMedX.

Shay reflected on how she and her ARG colleagues are in a constant state of learning, stating, “The resource model is shifting. I’ve been in the workforce since 94. I’m continuing to have to increase my technology skills and my scientific knowledge Both technology and science are changing and employees need to continue to learn.”

She then added: “It is not enough to ask how long you have been in the industry, but to truly assess what you know and understand so employers can increase the knowledge areas of their employees and not waste time with knowledge areas that are strong.”

Erin, for her part, addressed data and how ARG reverse engineers database construction: “We operationalize projects with the endgame in mind. At study conclusionhow do you want to analyze and present your data? You really need to start with data analysis first and work backwards, as this will determine how your database will be built. That really drives how you’re going to implement from an operational perspective.”

Please read the entire interview from the ArcheMedX blog, posted by Kelly Ritch. ArcheMedX enables sponsors and CROs to improve clinical trial readiness.