ARG QA Engaged in Forming Internal QA/QC Departments at Sites

ARG continues to add new services in all areas of the organization. The latest news is that our Quality Assurance function is now engaged in creating internal QA/QC departments at the site level. Monitoring has long been considered a form of quality control; however, now that the industry is moving away from 100% SDV, it is more important than ever for a site to have an internal QC process– as well as internal SOPs and training. Compliance is evaluated through periodic internal auditing.

ARG is able to assist sites in creating these departments through a series of tasks:

  • Evaluating existing staff through internal audits
  • Conducting a gap analysis of existing SOPs and training
  • Developing training programs for existing and new staff
  • Creating new SOPs for QA and QC
  • Reassessing staff after training and processes are in place

To learn more about how the ARG QA team’s expertise can be leveraged in your clinical projects, please contact to schedule a call.