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The inherent complexity and increased duration of oncology clinical trials when compared to other therapeutic areas, demands unique and adaptive approaches to clinical research services. For future oncology trials to be successful, it is likely that a diagnostic allowing measurability of efficacy will be required. ARG believes that identifying biomarkers for the purpose of determining clinical endpoints, as early in the clinical process as possible, will be key to good Phase II and Phase III protocol design.

Furthermore, patient enrollment in oncology trials is increasingly an impediment to clinical trial success and confirmatory outcomes. Atlantic Research Group has built its success on a very good enrollment track record and a commitment to excellence in clinical operations. We know the intricacies of oncology clinical research - just ask our Chief Science Officer Bryce Warren, P.HD.

Atlantic Research Group's oncology experience includes Phase I-IV trials encompassing nearly 7500 patients at 2600 sites, including but not limited to the following indications:

Advanced Solid Tumor Malignant Glioma Advanced Prostate Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Metastatic breast Ovarian Mesothelioma NHL Leukapheresis Colon Colorectal Elderly NSCLC Oral oncolytics and imaging agents