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Everyone Deserves to Be Well

Genetic Disorders/Rare Disease

The development of recombinant factor VIII products has revolutionized the care of people with Hemophilia. At ARG, we know the science inherent in these clinical trials, and we know the market: the unlimited production of recombinant FVIII products is an opportunity ensure that the limited availability of plasma-derived FVIII concentrates does not reduce market potential of therapies.

Atlantic Research Group is adept at patient enrollment for Hemophilia studies. Due to ultra-low hemophilia patient populations, this expertise is critical for any CRO to succeed at bringing a therapy to those suffering from this life-altering condition.

ARG has pure science and clinical experience in, but not limited to, the following indications:

Addison Disease Bowen’s Disease Burkitt Lymphoma Cushing Syndrome Fanconi Anemia Factor XII Deficiency Guillain-Barre Syndrome Gaucher Disease
Histiocytosis, Langerhans Cell Horner Syndrome Hodgkin Disease Paget’s Disease, Extramammary Ewing’s Sarcoma Tay-Sachs Disease Wilms Tumor von Willebrand Disease