Working at ARG

Great people, great work, great customers.


Arthur Hewitt

“Chelsea began working with Atlantic Research Group in 2008. Since then we have awarded several operational projects to them. In each case they have consistently performed at a very high level with quality execution of all tasks delegated to them. Based on this experience I am confident that they can meet the expectations of their clients.”

Chief Science Officer, Chelsea Therapeutics

John Goldfinch

“Atlantic Research Group’s outstanding service has been our experience at Kinex. ARG has treated us with the kind of responsive and personal focus on our business that shows they pride themselves on doing an exceptional job, period. Some CROs will change order you to death, but not ARG. Lyle and Paul have put their organization at our disposal, and ‘working out the kinks’ issues have been minimal.”

Clinical Trials Operation Manager, Kinex Pharmaceuticals


“Coming from an organization with 1000+ people, I found ARG a completely different place. It is very easy to get time with Lyle and Paul [the founders] and they are completely forthcoming about the company, its prospects, revenues/costs, and objectives. My managers are accessible and open to conversations about career growth and opportunity, of which there is plenty to go around.”

Clinical Research Associate


“As a CRA at Atlantic Research Group, I’ve found the company has a comfortable, welcoming feel. Lyle and Paul [the founders] want so much for you to grow your career, because they understand having come up through the ranks themselves. Prior to ARG I worked at another small CRO, which had a very intimidating atmosphere with little room for growth. ARG is the opposite – plenty of opportunity for more responsibility.”

Clinical Research Associate


“Giving every account the same high level of attention and responsiveness is a refreshing change from the Big CRO ethos.”

Trial Site Manager


“Our clients have this concept that the compounds that are in trial, are their babies. We come to think of them as our babies, too.”

Associate Project Manager


“Building relationships with the primary investigator and the study coordinator is an extremely satisfying part of this job. ‘What can I do for you?’ is the operative phrase at ARG. My current study coordinator said that we [ARG] are like day versus night in comparison to other CROs.”

Project Manager


“Every person in this organization has research experience. Our team members are certified by the Project Management Institute and the Association of Clinical Research (ACRP). At ARG, efficiency and flexibility are the results of innovation and creative thinking. The best idea wins, no matter whose it is.”

Director of Operations


“After 17 years in data management, helping Atlantic Research Group expand the in-house data management service discipline has been a fantastic opportunity. No matter what title or role people have, or what hat they’re wearing at the moment, everyone has been quite willing to jump in and make a difference. Hunter [ARG’s Chief Technology Officer] and indeed all of senior management encourage us to investigate new technologies and processes to make EDC more efficient and effective. They really want employees to share in the success of the team and of the client.”

Data Manager


“Friendly competition and I-have-your-back collaboration is the feel here at ARG. Work together, get there together – even if that means devoting extra time to help someone else go the extra mile for a client or stakeholder.”

Associate Project Manager