Our Story

It all started with two guys from Charlottesville.

And as ARG celebrates our 13th year in business, we reflect back on the journey we began in 2004. We had experienced the problems common in multinational CROs. We lived the process and saw the problems through the eyes of our clients. We knew there had to be a better way for emerging and agile biopharmaceutical companies to bring their therapies to the world.

Paul and Lyle envisioned a world where small biotech innovators could receive the better quality service, higher level knowledge, strategic and tactical guidance, and above all - a pathway to successful pharmaceutical trials. They pooled their extensive expertise and management excellence, and in 2006 welcomed a technology leader with the foresight and capability to bring cloud technology to bear on the industry's biggest problems.

Thirteen years on, the journey continues as we build a global team of driven, intellectually honest, respectful, and curious people. All working tirelessly together to help you bring your therapies to market.