Atlantic Research Group has initiated a quarterly newsletter to keep stakeholders informed about travel plans, people in the news, recent press releases and blog posts, corporate partnerships, and participation in the community.

In the inaugural issue, there are wide-ranging content options, including:

  • upcoming conference news, featuring a trip later this year to Perth, Australia, and another in 2020 to Denver
  • thought leadership from ARG CTO Hunter Walker, in his appearance in Applied Clinical Trials
  • blog posts on ARG’s 15-year anniversary, Brexit implications, and an Xtalk from our Data/Stats group
  • press releases on ARG’s two office openings in Europe, a new Senior Vice-President of Business Development, and a partnership with Greenphire to benefit patients
  • community news, and links to our social pages
  • the rollout of new icons that take users directly to our four areas of therapeutic expertise
  • other helpful links, and more

Please click here to go to the ARG Synopsis.