Chief Technology Officer Hunter Walker sat for an interview to discuss the ARG-Veeva partnership in September, 2018. Filmed in Philadelphia, the recently-released final video is a customer story designed to highlight Hunter’s thoughts about how ARG has evolved over time, and to outline the relationship shared by the two organizations.

Hunter addresses both by saying: “ARG’s vision really is to be the best rare disease CRO and to service our clients accordingly. We think Veeva will help us do that by gaining those efficiencies within the clinical trials landscape by integrating the different applications into a single suite.”

Hunter also looks ahead by looking back, stating: “I believe, one of the things that’s changed the most at Atlantic Research Group in the last five years is the complexity of the clinical trials. That’s the one thing I’ve noticed and we’ve recognized pretty early that we needed to be nimble in our applications and our thinking and this is how these new technologies are helping us do that.”

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